Understanding Tests and Levels

This section outlines the testing structure and pathways for ice skating, for recreational as well as competitive skaters.

ISA Figure skating tests begin at the Preliminary level and end with the Senior level tests.

In order to compete at a certain level, skaters must pass the test that is at the level at which the skater wishes to compete. For example, in order to compete in Basic Novice A or B, skaters must pass the Basic Novice Pattern and Program tests.

Adult Skaters are required to complete a pattern test for the level they are competing at.  However there are no technical test requirements.


Basic Novice

Advanced Novice



Ice Dance

Competitive Ice Dance Tests

Basic Novice Competitive Dance Test

Intermediate Novice Competitive Dance Test

Advanced Novice Competitive Dance Test

Junior Competitive Dance Test

Senior Competitive Dance Test

Recreational Ice Dance Tests

Preliminary Pattern Dance (Recreational) Test

Elementary Pattern Dance (Recreational) Test

Basic Novice Pattern Dance (Recreational) Test

Intermediate Novice Pattern Dance (Recreational) Test

Advanced Novice Pattern Dance (Recreational) Test

Junior Pattern Dance (Recreational) Test

Senior Bronze Pattern Dance (Recreational) Test

Senior Silver Pattern Dance (Recreational) Test

Senior Gold
Pattern Dance (Recreational) Test

Solo Ice Dance Tests

Preliminary Solo Ice Dance Test

Elementary Solo Ice Dance Test

Basic Novice Solo Ice Dance Test

Intermediate Novice Solo Ice Dance Test

Advanced Novice Solo Ice Dance Test

Junior Solo Ice Dance Test

Senior Solo Ice Dance Test

Ice Dance Patterns

01 - Fourteenstep

02 - Foxtrot

03 - Rocker Foxtrot

04 - Tea-Time Foxtrot

05 - Swing Dance

06 - Dutch Waltz

07 - Willow Waltz

08 - European Waltz

09 - American Waltz

10 - Westminster Waltz

11 - Viennese Waltz

12 - Austrian Waltz

13 - Starlight Waltz

14 - Ravensburger Waltz

15 - Golden Waltz

16 - Kilian

17 - Maple Leaf March

18 - Yankee Polka

19 - Quickstep

20 - Finnstep

21 - Paso Doble

22 - Rhumba

23 - Rhumba D'Amor

24 - Cha Cha Congelado

25 - Silver Samba

26 - Tango Fiesta

27 - Tango Canasta

28 - Tango

29 - Argentine Tango

30 - Tango Romantica

31- Rhythm Blues

32 - Blues

33 - Midnight Blues

A - Cha Cha

B - Ten-Fox

C - Riverside Rhumba