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Team Registration Documents

Documents for Australian TOI teams to complete

About Theatre On Ice

TOI as it’s affectionately known, combines elements of technical skill with the drama and spectacle of theatre, including story telling.

TOI Teams can vary with age level and team numbers up to 30 skaters.

It provides another enjoying team based discipline for skaters to take part in the sport, especially for those who thrive on expressing their artistic side.

The choreography is designed to include all levels of skating skill in a team and makes for an interesting mix of moves and presentation.

Single skaters perform jumps, spins, step sequences, spirals, and other moves in the field as part of their competitive programs.

Theatre on Ice By-Laws and Guidelines

Here are the Inter-Country Guidelines and ISA By-Laws for Theatre on Ice.

The Inter-Country Guidelines cover the international events.  The ISA By-Laws apply to Australian events.

Currently the ISA By-Laws are being reviewed to incorporate the relevant changes from the Inter-Country Guidelines.  We will advise when these are up to date.

ISA 12 - Theatre on Ice By-Laws

TOI Inter-Country Guidelines 2024

International Theatre on Ice

Theatre on Ice is an international discipline which has been growing over the last few year.

Every year the Nations Cup is held by ISU Federation Members.

Information Booklet for 2024 Nations Cup

Download information for 2024 Nations Cup to be held in Bordeaux France

Theatre on Ice Team Registration Forms

Teams competing in Theatre on Ice in Australia are required to complete the attached forms before the 30th June each year.

For teams who are planning on attending international Theatre on Ice events, these must be submitted 3 months prior to travel in order to obtain the required permissions from ISA.

TOI Team Registration Form

Complete to register your team

TOI Team Member Registration Form

Complete to register all members of your team.
This is an Excel spreadsheet.