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Event Protocols

ISA Event Protocols

Miscellaneous Protocols

Miscellaneous Protocols

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ISU Protocols


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ISA Administrative Suite of Documents

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Glossary of Terms

ISA 01

ISA Champ Series Event Policy

ISA 02

ISA International Championship Selection Policy

ISA 03

Funding and Incentive Policy

ISA 04

ISA International Pool Qualification Policy

ISA 05

ISA International Selection Policy (All Categories)

ISA 06

ISA International Pool Qualification Policy ~ All Novice

ISA 07

Seasons Ranking Policy

ISA 08

ISA National Squad Selection Policy

ISA 09

Uniform Policy

ISA 10

Exceptional Circumstances Policy

ISA 11

Policy for Making or Amending By-Laws, Rules & Regulations

ISA 12

ISA Winter Youth Olympic Games 2024 Selection Policy

ISA 13

Risk Management Policies Protocols Manual

ISA 14

Member Protection Policy

ISA 15

Code of Ethics and Behaviour

ISA 16

Social Media Code of Conduct

ISA 17

Anti-Doping Policy

ISA 18

International Judges Selection Policy

ISA 19

Concussion Policy

ISA 20

Olympic Qualifying Competition Selection Policy

ISA 21

Event Protocols

AFSC Requirements Document

ISA Music Provision Protocol

ISA Event Announcement Template

Miscellaneous Protocols

ISA Ice Show / Exhibition Protocol

ISA Permission to Compete (Non-ISU)

ISA Privacy Statement

ISU Applicable Protocols

ISU Transgender Policy