Proof Of Age

Proof of Age Introduction

  1. Proof of Age (POA) registration is compulsory for all skaters competing in divisions Preliminary and up and all Synchronized and Theatre on Ice skaters including all Adults.
  2. The Ice Skating Australia (ISA) Proof of Age Register assists with establishing eligibility for all competitions and championships with age restrictions.
  3. The Register is maintained by the POA officer nominated by the ISA Board of Management.
  4. Registration is free of charge and recognized by all Members of ISA.
  5. Proof of Age (POA) Number is issued as soon as practicable after receipt of a valid application.
  6. Updates of the POA Register are made available to ISA Member Secretaries and relevant ISA
    Standing Committee Chairs, at regular intervals.

Proof of Age Forms

Proof of Age Application Form

Complete this form to seek nomination to ISU Events. Partners must each complete a form.

Proof of Age FAQ's

As soon as you have attained your Preliminary Test if you are a competitive skater.

An official of your club or your ISA Member.