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Adult Skating Competition Information

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About Adult Skating

Adult Skating these days includes not only those skaters who have grown up with the sport from their early years, but also people who have taken up the sport as adults.

Adults take part in all disciplines including Single, Pair, Ice Dance, Synchronized Skating and Theatre On Ice.

There are two major ISU Adult competitions – one in May at Oberstdorf, Germany and the other in North America each fall.  These are for adult skaters who have reached at least the age of twenty eight (28) and Synchronized skaters at least the age of twenty five (25).

In Australia skaters can start competing in Adult divisions at eighteen (18).

The Aussie Skate program also incorporates a learn-to-skate stream for adults!


Adult Skating Competition Information

Here you can find ISA and ISU Adult Skating information for Singles and Pairs.

For Adult Ice Dance, Adult Synchronised and Theatre on Ice click on the links below to be taken to the ISA pages for these disciplines.

ISA By-Law 5
Adult Single & Pair

ISA Adult Single
Elements List

ISA Adult Pair
Elements List

ISU Adult Skating Information

Adult Ice Dance

Adult Synchronised Skating Information

Theatre on Ice

All skaters competing in Australia must complete a Proof of Age application.  This is required for all skaters competing in ISA divisions.

Proof of Age Information

Competing at International Adult Competitions

Fortunately for Adult skaters there are a number of international events that skaters can compete in.  These include the ISU Obertsdorf Adult Competition (held in May), ISU North American Competition (held in their fall season) and the World Winter Masters Games which is held every few years.

If you are planning on attending an International Adult Competitions, you are required to complete the Adult International Form.  This is to let ISA know that you will be attending an overseas event.  This form is not required for Australian International Adult Events.

World Winter Masters Games

ISU Adult Skating Competitions

Adult International Form

Skaters who are competing at international competitions may purchase an ISA Jacket.  The details of these are on the High Performance page.