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Solo Ice Dance is a parallel discipline to Ice Dance. Skaters perform the same Pattern Dances, Rhythm Dance and Free Dance segments. Ice Dance and Solo Ice Dance both draw from the fundamentals of ballroom dance and emphasize the techniques of edge work, flow and motion where Skaters must always skate to a defined beat, rhythm or theme. Solo Ice Dance has required elements that competitors must perform, creating well-balanced Ice Dance programs (Rhythm Dance, Free Dance); these programs include a dance spin, a step sequence, a twizzle sequence, a pattern dance element, edge elements, and choreographic elements. Edge elements, which replace lifts in partnered Ice Dance, consist of movements like spread eagles, bauers, hydroblades, and spirals to highlight edge control, flexibility and musicality. Solo Ice Dance follows the same elements and requirements for levels that are published annually by the ISU for Ice Dance. Each year new Rhythms and Pattern Dances are chosen to keep the sport current, fresh and entertaining.

Solo Dance is an opportunity for Skaters to develop Ice Dance skills without a partner, allowing for the sport of Figure Skating to grow. Solo Ice Dance demonstrates artistry, expression and musicality. Solo Ice Dance will also serve as a developmental tool for the discipline of Ice Dance and is an educational tool to assist our sport’s developing nations in growing their athletes.  Solo Ice Dance will allow Skaters to “learn how to skate to music” which is essential in Figure Skating across all disciplines.

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ISA Solo Dance Documents

Program Elements
Preliminary to Senior Solo Ice Dance

Program Elements
Adult Solo Ice Dance

Factors and Falls

Ice Dance Warm Up and Program Times

Steps and Percentages

ISA Solo Ice Dance
Non-ISU & Adult Categories
Domestic Competition Guidelines

ISA Solo Ice Dance -
Non-ISU & Adult Categories -
Pattern Dance Appendix

International Solo Dance Requirements

International Solo Ice Dance Levels

International Solo Ice Dance Scale of Values

Pattern Dances

Season 2024/2025

ISU Solo Ice Dance Pattern Dances

Preliminary Solo Ice Dance

Elementary Solo Ice Dance

Basic Novice Solo Ice Dance

Intermediate Novice Solo Ice Dance

Advanced Novice Solo Ice Dance

Junior and Senior Solo Rhythm Dance

Non-ISU Solo Ice Dance Pattern Dances

Bronze Adult Solo Ice Dance

Silver Adult Solo Ice Dance

Gold Adult Solo Ice Dance

Masters and Masters Elite Adult Solo Ice Dance

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Ice Dance Registration Form - Couples and Solo