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High Performance Program

The High Performance (HP) Program will support athletes who demonstrate the ability to succeed at a high level in Junior or Senior International Championships. The program will strive to advance the athletes’ placings in International Championships to rank in the top 12 at the World Championships across a number of disciplines.

The HP program aims to: 

  • Deliver athletes to the Olympic Winter Institute for 2026 Olympic Winter Games.

  • Develop and prepare elite athletes for improved results at International Championship events.

  • Provide support for athletes representing Australia at international events.

Athlete Development Program

The Athlete development Program aims to fast-track Basic Novice to Advanced Novice level skaters to Junior International level as well as extend their competitive experience overseas.
Through the provision of  training camps and specialised educational opportunities, the program aims to strengthen the level of competition and raise the standard of skating.

Extending opportunities to skaters to compete in junior and development competitions overseas will serve to extend their competitive experiences and further their personal development as athletes.

ISA encourages each state association to support and contribute to athlete development through local development programs and initiatives.

ISA International Assignments

ISA International Assignments Calendar

International Pool

ISA Expressions of Interest for International Events

Basic/Intermediate/Advanced Novice EOI’s

Junior and Senior EOI’s

International Competition Applications

Apply for international competition via the Athlete Application Forms or have your questions answered in our FAQ lists. We encourage all skaters with a qualifying TES score to enter several events.  For BN and IN the maximum is 3, for AN the maximum is 5.  As the rankings are dynamic you never know when your rank will move up or move down. While we generally have only 2 places per event we can request more and at some events we have more spots.

For more information on ISA’s High Performance programs, please contact us.

Junior Grand Prix 2024-2025 EOI has been updated

Skaters the EOI Jotform for the Jr Grand Prix is currently on the ISA website.

To Express Interest in this event you must be age eligible for the Junior Grand Prix and you must have an ISA qualifying score. 

All EOI’s are due before 12:00 pm on 31 July and decisions will be made by the board after that date.  Skaters will be notified of the boards decision. No skaters will be authorized to plan for this event until they have been contacted by ISA. The board will follow the guidelines in ISA-06.

Spots alloted:

Women (4): Riga #1, Bangkok #3, Istanbul #4, Wuxi #7

Men (2): Bangkok #3, Wuxi #7

Dance (2): Bangkok #3, Wuxi #7


ISA International Athlete Contract and Application

Complete this form to seek nomination to ISU Events. Partners must each complete a form.

ISA Junior Grand Prix Application

Complete this form to seek nomination to ISU Events. Partners must each complete a form.
Note: JGP do not start taking entries until 1st June.

ISA Medical Applications

Apply for international medical clearances. This form will be forwarded directly to ISA Chief Medical Officer, Dr Asher Livingston

ISA Team Leader and Official Applications

Team Leader and Official Role applications can be made via the following form.

ISA Funding and Incentive Form

For athlete funding with regard to ISU International events, held outside Australia, in Current International Skating Season for all eligible Australian Singles, Pairs, Ice Dance and Synchronized skating athletes in Basic Novice to Senior Divisions.

ISA Uniform Policy, Style Guide and Order Form

ISA Jacket Order Form

Please complete the form if you wish to order an Ice Skating Australia uniform.
Refer to the Style Guide and Uniform Policy

ISA Uniform Style Guide

ISA Uniform Policy


General FAQ

Athletes interested in qualifying to the ISA international pool must attain the minimum Technical Element Scores (TES) set out by ISA at a Champ Series event as set out on the ISA calendar. Required scores are noted in ISA 05 (SR/JR) and ISA 07 (Novices).

Your score will be valid for 2 seasons, however, skaters must be age eligible for each level please refer to ISA 06. Also note that rules have changed with the passage of ISU 2488.

When you change divisions you must earn the TES score minimum for International Competition for that level. You must also be age eligible for your new division. Use ISA 05 & ISA 07 for score requirements or check on ISA ranking sheets.

You may express interest via this document: EOI

Please make sure you have done the following: On the ISA ranking page there is a Q by your name, this means you have met the TES requirement. You will also need to make sure you are age eligible and have a current passport with at least 6 months left before expiration.

All athletes seeking selection by ISA MUST complete and comply with the athlete agreement to be eligible for selection. Athlete Agreement

All medical questionnaire forms are sent directly to the ISA doctor.

The ISA administrator and High performance team will receive a notification when you complete the form but no information will be attached.

Medical Questionnaire forms on the ISA website: www.isa.org.au/forms

The ISU requires a passport, you cannot be entered into any event or make an account with the ISU without a passport. The passport also allows the LOC to confirm your age and use this for your accrediation. ISA asks for both a passport and a photo for this reason.

Selection will be made based on the current ISA season rankings and in accordance with ISA selection policies. ISA 06 is the reference document.

The number of entrants to an event in each division is subject to the LOC and their announcement, therefore ISA recommends that athletes do NOT book any flights until they have received the official announcement and entry forms from the ISA Administration. However ISA will submit as many athletes as the LOC allows.

Links to announcements can be found on the International Assignment section of this page. If the announcement has been put out by the LOC, generally 6-8 weeks prior to the event occurring.

The International events are updated on 1 June each year when the ISU releases the dates of the events happening that season. You can find the list on the International Assigment page or at: https://isu.org/figure-skating/events/figure-skating-calendar

ISA will not be able to give a definte answer on how many entrants as the LOC will not publish a list until after the close of entries. Even then there maybe withdrawal and subsitutes added. By looking at the previous years results you may get a general idea.

Refer to the above: https://isu.org/figure-skating/events/figure-skating-calendar

After going to the site above click on the event and note the levels and displines at the event. They are also on the International Assigment Page.

When you fill out your expression of interest (EOI) it will automatically go to your state governing body. They will verify that you are in good standing with your state organization.

As skaters request events their names will be listed in Red with their level beside them. About 1 week prior to the close of entries the decision of who attends will be made based on ISA rankings. Skaters in Blue will be listed and the subsitutes will be noted with the word SUB and their rank in that order. (Primarily for Novices) JR and SR may see their names listed in Blue since there are fewer EOI’s for the higher levels.

Refer to ISU Rule 109 and subsequent communications.

ISA policies have recently changed and ISA will be paying for all athletes who have been nominated to represent Australia at an ISU listed competition. However please be aware of the clauses as stated in the ISA policy regarding withdrawals from competitions.

ISA-06 International Selection Policy (Basic Novice, Intermediate Novice, Advanced Novice, Junior and Senior)

ISA will inform you of how payment for your accommodation should be made.  This will be either directly at the hotel, or ISA will send you a bill depending on the LOC requirements. Please wait to hear from ISA Administration.

DO NOT book your flights until you hae received the offical entry forms and the announcements as the dates for the competitions are subject to change by the LOC.

Yes. However you will need to seek permission from ISA by submitting your request to the ISA Administration. Please note that athletes should check if an ISU member has sanctioned the competition before proceeding. Entering an unsanctioned event can effect your future eligibility for other competitions. Athletes MUST request this permission through their state association.

Technical Element Scores from the following events: held during the current season unless otherwise stated in the season rankings policy:

Australian Champ Series events as listed on the ISA Calendar.

Australian Figure Skating Championship
ISU International Events as listed on the ISU Calendar.
ISU Championship Events as listed on the ISU Calendar.

Scores last for 2 years from the achieved if at the same level.  We are only using 2022-23 and 2023-24 scores.  Skaters must also be age eligible.

Novice FAQ

Skaters should lodge an EOI 45-30 days before the event takes place. For the first event of the season that allows BN, IN and AN skaters must have a TES by 15 July, 2023 for the 23-24 season.

For the 23-24 Season we are requesting EOI’s be submitted 45 days before the event takes place.

NO. If you do, we will not list you on the event and cannot enter you in the event at all until you have a passport. (23-24 Season).

Yes you can. All skaters with a BN score who want to compete at that level internationally must be age eligible and have a qualifying score. Refer to ISA 06.

Yes you can. All skaters with an IN score who want to compete at that level internationally must be age eligible and have a qualifying score. Refer to ISA 06.

No. Athletes must obtain the required TES (Technical Element Score) for the level they wish to compete at, they must also be age eligible.

No. You must have a TES score for Basic Novice to be eligible for selection to an event at that level.

You may compete in either Basic Novice or Intermediate Novice Internationally but you can ONLY select ONE division per competition.

Yes. However as stated above you are only allowed to compete in ONE division per international competition.

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