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About Single & Pair Skating

Single Skating

The most popular and well known discipline of figure skating is Single Skating.

Skaters perform jumps, spins, footwork and other skating moves to music.

Single skating is a discipline of figure skating in which male and female skaters compete individually. 

Pair Skating

Pair Skating is an event where a male and female skater compete as a team.  It combines single skating elements (jumps, spins and footwork) with elements unique to pair skating.  These include overhead lifts, twist lifts, death spirals and throw jumps. 

Pair skating requires similar technique and timing on all elements of the performance, as well as practice and trust between the partners.  The aim is to create an impression of “two skating as one”.

Program Elements

Access all Program Element resource documents below. Warm Up Times are listed within the documents.

Single - Short Program Element Summary

Single - Free Skate Element Summary

Pair - Short Program Element Summary

Pair - Free Skate Element Summary

Technical Panel Handbook

ISU’s official Technical Panel Handbooks. 

Singles - Technical Panel Handbook

Pairs - Technical Panel Handbook