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Member Protection Policies
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ISA and Integrity

Ice Skating Australia maintains a commitment to integrity in the sport of figure skating.

We espouse the causes of equality and fairness, and promote community behaviours and attitudes that encourage all participants in the sport to remain true to the association’s values and principles.

ISA ventures to demonstrate energy and commitment to developing frameworks and systems to support all its members in an effort to promote a positive and inclusive sporting culture.

All the association’s member protection policies and guidelines assist in reinforcing the messages of fair play and acceptance of diversity.

For further information or enquiries contact the ISA Integrity Manager and ISA Complaints Manager.

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ISA 15 - Member Protection Policy

Download and view individual Member Protection policies via the links below.

Version 8 – Updated 1/6/2016

Member Protection Policies

Code of Ethics and Behaviour

ISA 16

Social Media Code of Conduct

ISA 17

ISA National Integrity Framework

ISA - NIF Member Protection Policy 2023

ISA - NIF Competition Manipulation and Sport Gambling Policy 2023

ISA - NIF Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy 2023

ISA - NIF Complaints Disputes and Discipline Policy
From 1 Jan 2024

ISA - NIF Improper Use of Drugs and Medicine Policy 2023

ISA Anti-Doping

ISA Anti-Doping Policy

From the 1st of January 2021 the Ice Skating Australia’s Anti-Doping Policy was replaced by the Australian National Anti-Doping Policy.  This can be found on the Sport Integrity Australia website.

ISA Anti-Doping Control Officer (ADCO) and Chief Medical Officer

Dr Asher Livingston

ISA Concussion Policy

ISA Concussion Policy

Concussion Resources

The Australian Sports Commission has a website dedicated to the issue of Concussion in Sport.